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If you own property and want a custom home but don't want to spend the money for traditional wood-framed construction then a Barndominium is a great solution.  Barndominiums have become very popular among country dwellers for their value, strength and styling.  The exterior is your basic metal building with steel framing and sheathing, metal roof, high eaves and plenty of room inside for a shop and home.  You can choose several different exterior colors of metal sheets along with brick or stone accents.  The inside living area can be framed to just about any floor plan to fit your needs and finished out however you want.  Added benefits to a Barndominium include lower insurance and maintenance costs as well as the strength of engineered steel construction.     

If you love the home you're in and would like to update, Denison Custom Homes can handle your total remodel project.  Remodel jobs can be tricky, especially when taking into consideration the age of the original house.  You never really know what you'll find behind the walls.  Too often we hear stories of people hiring contractors to tackle their job only to end up at square one because the contractor got in over his head.  With our extensive experience in dealing with older structures we have the knowledge and contractors to make that old house new again.



From foundation to final inspection we work with our clients to make the process and smooth as possible.  We strive to make the construction of your new home a worry-free and fun process and work with the areas top designers, engineers, suppliers and contractors to construct a final product that you will stand the test of time.  We work with you in all from the design of the floor plan and budgeting through the selection process of interior finishes and fixtures.  Denison Custom Homes has almost 4 decades of experience in making your dream home a reality.

New Construction

We would like to take a moment to tell you about our construction services.  From ideas and simple sketches to the finished product, Denison Custom Homes handles all aspects of residential construction.  Here are a few of the services we offer:

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